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Your Healthiest Self

Our foundation for happiness is health, we all know it, so take a chance! Follow me on a journey full of tips and you will be the "Healthiest" you ever been.

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    How to plan your training diet

    Use this fitness food pyramid as a base for making your daily training diet. It divides food into 6 categories:Fruit and vegetableCarbohydrates-rich f...
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    What counts as one portion?

    An easy to consult table...
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    Pre-competition diet

    What you eat and drink during the week before a competition can make a difference for or against your performance, especially with regards to enduranc...
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    The Low-Carbs Banana Muffins are one of my favourite treats with only one banana in the entire batch of muffins. That's why we can have low-carb ...
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    This Mixed Berry Honey Nuts Artisan Bread is your (go)-delicious sweet bread that’s perfect for the holidays! To try, follow my easy Pro-Tips for a ...
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    We feel pain when our body is trying to warn us that something is not right, allowing us to act in a timely manner to prevent further damage; unfortun...